A popular misconception is that only adults with back pain should see a chiropractor. That is certainly not the case! Everyone in the family – no matter their age – can benefit from seeing a chiropractor. With proper care and training, alignments and other therapies can performed on teens and young adults, children, and even babies.

What Can be Treated?

Spinal misalignment,  pain and discomfort due to growth spurts, and injuries – think little league or falling from a tree! – are some of the most common reasons why teens, children, and infants see chiropractors. In infants, things like chronic sleeplessness – which affects the parents as well – can be caused by a spinal misalignment. Children going through growth spurts often experience discomfort and soreness because joints, muscles, and bones are growing at different rates and are not always in balance, and a chiropractor can help bring everything into alignment and promote healthy growth. And of course, with all the activities children and teens participate in these days, strains, sprains, bumps, and bruises are not uncommon.

What can be Done?

Chiropractors can help treat a range of issues in babies, children, teenagers. Providing chiropractic care to children and teens requires a high level of skill, and is far more gentle than chiropractic care performed on adults. Each individual situation is different, whether it’s treating a sleepless baby or a standard sprained ankle on a 12 year old soccer star. As with all medical procedures, it is best  to know the advantages and risks involved. Chiropractors can work together with pediatricians and parents to develop the best and safest course of action to address your children’s individual needs. Accessing useful resources like the Canadian Chiropractic Association and making educated health care decisions is essential to long term well-being.