Low back and hip pain plagues many of our incoming patients, but at Performance Chiropractic we treat the pain directly at the source to eliminate it quickly. This patient experienced our hands-on method after her MD recommended her to see Dr. Todd. Read her full story below.





I was referred to Performance Chiropractic and Dr. Todd by my MD for treatment on my low back pain and hip tightness. I have been a runner for years and as a result I have developed a lot of lower body issues.

Dr. Todd is excellent. He has worked with several marathon runners, so immediately I had some commonality with other patients he has treated. His warmth and interest in improving my health was very noticeable and palpable from our first interaction. He was very clear to me about his and Performance Chiropractic’s goals and how they applied to my situation.

The most impactful part of my experience with Performance Chiro’s Dr. Todd is that you are provided with expected treatment visits, great manual treatment, and homework exercises as part of the treatment plan. In order to heal you have to take ownership and perform your home care routine.

Through my treatment with Dr. Todd I’m very happy to say that, I have regained excellent range of motion and complete reduction of pain in my low back and reduced tightness in my hips. With continued daily exercises and the use of my wonderful “foam roller” I will continue to heal.

Thank you Dr. Todd for your fabulous care,

Rayleen T.