Golf Pain – We Can Help…

Your golf swing is all about proper form.  The body swing connection. Many swing faults are directly attributable to stiffness, resulting from a lack of flexibility.  These restrictions can diminish your golf performance and make 18 holes painful.

Dr. James Lemieux at Performance Chiropractic + Sports rehab can provide you with a means to enhance your Golf performance by identifying and fixing these issues.

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is a specific screening procedure done in office that can determine body mechanic movement flaws that can dictate various swing flaws (Body-Swing Connection).  With this process we can assess areas of concern and develop a specific plan with treatment just for you.

Once fixed with ART (Active Release Technique), the soft tissue can glide unimpeded, allowing you to reach the positions your golf professionals are showing you without tension, pain, or further injury.

The result is better body movement thus enhancing golf performance. Using this process has helped us treat hundreds of golfers achieve their goals and prevent numerous injuries from occurring.

Dr. James Lemieux D.C. is a golf movement specialist.  He holds certificates for level 3 advanced medical practitioners training with the Titleist Performance Institute. Dr. James is the head sports chiropractor for the Mackenzie tours Oil Country Classic Canadian PGA tour event in Edmonton.  He has treated a LPGA major winner, a Big Break contestant, European Tour winner and many other Canadian PGA tour golf professionals.

Come in and start to get ready for the upcoming golf season.