Foot and Achilles pain plagues many of our incoming patients, but at Performance Chiropractic we treat the pain directly at the source to eliminate it quickly. After a thorough examination Dr. Todd believed Shockwave Therapy would be the best treatment option for this patient. Read his full story below.

shockwave therapy edmontonI currently play football with Dr. Todd and have seen him at Performance Chiropractic for other injuries that I have had while playing. I played University Football for the University of Alberta Golden Bears and as a result I have developed a lot of lower body injuries.

Dr. Todd has been excellent with all of my injuries, so I felt comfortable that he would be able to help with my Achilles pain and Plantar fasciitis. Dr. Todd’s passion in always wanting to improve his patients health is noticeable. He was very clear to me about his and Performance Chiropractic’s goals and how they applied to my situation.

The most impactful part of my experiences with South Edmonton’s Chiropractic Clinic was that my pain decreased after only two visits. He discussed how the treatment plan for Shockwave Therapy was only 3 to 4 visits with a rest period of one week between visits, and homework exercises.

Through my treatment with Dr. Todd I’m very happy to say that, I have regained excellent range of motion and almost all my Achilles pain has been reduced without taking any time off from football or soccer

Thank you Dr. Todd for your excellent care.

Mike W.