We Get It

At Performance Chiropractic We get injuries. Everyday we have athletes and weekend warriors coming into the office explaining how they got injured and how they need to play in their rec league game in a few days. We fully understand that because we are all athletes here and understand the importance of staying competitive at any age.

Dr. Todd loves playing flag football in the Edmonton flag football league and it would take a pretty big injury for him to miss even one week of football.

“I enjoy playing and hanging out with the guys so much that I get treated twice a week during the season so that I stay somewhat injury free. If I wasn’t getting massage, acupuncture and chiro I am pretty sure I won’t be playing still.”

Prior to Dr. Todd becoming a Sports Chiropractor, he played 5 years of University hockey at The University of British Columbia, so he understands injuries.

“Injuries were just a part of the game at that level so you had to really take care of yourself and learn the difference between something hurting and being injured.”

Dr. Carly currently competes as an Olympic weight lifter and before becoming a Sports Chiropractor she was a competitive skier with Edmonton Ski club, so she understands injuries.

“Wow, as a skier I broke my arm twice and sprained my ankles more times than I can count. Now with all my weight lifting and working full time I need to constantly be working on my mobility so that I can see patients all day and workout in the evenings.”

Dr. Lemieux is currently the best golfer in the office as a scratch golfer. He is a member at Leduc Golf & Country club and never misses a weekend of golf all summer long.

“With our short summers I try to never miss an opportunity to golf. However, golfing 54 holes a week and seeing patients on top of that comes with some wear and tear, so I am constantly getting Active Release and Graston on my wrists and shoulders so that I can keep playing all summer.”

If you are having trouble with staying active, we get it. Our team of Chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists can help get you out of pain and keep you active. Call the office today 780-433-9920.